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Instructional Videos
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Welcome to the video page!

If you want to see fun and interesting videos you can always check out my www.youtube.com account  HERE

Now here are some FREE video tutorials on playing cello.  They can also be found on my youtube account above.  To access these, simply click on the video that you would like to watch.  I'll be adding to these as they get done.


Basic Tutorials:

Cellopro Introduction Video, please watch this first.
Buying a Cello
Parts of a Cello
Parts of the Bow
String Names
Changing a String
Holding a Cello
Holding a Cello, Advanced Tips and Tricks
The Mute

Left Hand:

Basic Left Hand Position
Finger Spacing for the Left Hand
Shifting ~~ Mechanics
Shifting ~~ The Exercise
Advanced Vibrato Exercise

Right Hand:

Holding the Bow
Bowing a Note
Up/Down Bow Explained
Bow Exercise 1
Bow Exercise 2
Bow Exercise 3
Basic Slurs
Legato Bowing
Adjacent Strings Bowing 1
Adjacent Strings Bowing 2
Brush Stroke
Martele Bowing
Spiccatto Bowing
Col Legno Bowing


Basic Pizzicato
Pizzicato Different Strings
Changing from Arco to Pizzicato
Left Hand Pizzicato
Strummed Pizzicato

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