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My name is Paul Fleury, and I live in Orlando, FL in the United States.  I've been a professional musician for the past 27 years, performing around the globe, with various orchestras, bands, shows, while getting into recording, composing and arranging.  Cello (or violoncello for the purists) is my primary instrument and is the only instrument I perform and teach professionally on.

I have a passion for music, and know it well.  I have also been collecting antique music for the past 35 years.

I'll give you the rundown in a bio below:

Mr. Fleury started playing cello at 6 years of age, Principal cellist of the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra 1979-1987, Principal Cellist All State 1983-1987 consecutively. He has attended Tanglewood Institute, Eastern Music Center, South Eastern Music Center; finally continuing education at UCF, and Converse College.


Paul has extensive experience teaching private students and groups, conducting, competition preparation, and general instrumental teaching. He teaches a limited studio of private students focusing primarily on competition college audition and orchestral audition preparation. For the past 24 years, he has been teaching and conducting large groups, small groups, and ensemble classes. For the last ten consecutive years, Mr. Fleury's students have won 197 of 212 first place trophies for National Federation of Musicians State competitions. His students continue to dominate All-State Orchestras, youth, and school orchestras alike.

Mr. Fleury holds a varied and extensive history in performance, competition, and recording, further enhancing the education of his students.


Paul is a hybrid cellist, and highly skilled in classical, jazz improvisation, rock, and Blues/R&B. He has performed with many orchestras worldwide; as well as touring, recording with them. He makes his home in Orlando, FL and currently sits principal cellist with seven orchestras, as well as performing with many others in the area. He includes the internationally acclaimed Mantovani Orchestra in this list; touring in Asia and Europe, with several other tours planned in the coming year. He has performed in venues that range from Carnegie Hall to jam sessions throughout the world, and is highly respected in the musical community for his versatility.  He has had his professional career stretch for 39 years, and did his first concerto with the Florida Symphony Orchestra at age 12. By the age of 14, he was being hired by professional contractors locally, further advancing his career before starting high school. At 15, he accepted his first principal chair position with the Space Coast Symphony (now the Space Coast Pops).  Since then, he has expanded his experience.

His Broadway touring credits include Aida, Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Lion King, and West Side Story amongst others as principal cellist.

In addition to his classical career, his mainstream career started promptly after college, when he was offered an international tour with the Mantovani Orchestra, an orchestra for which he still sits principal chair. His discography now includes such names as Shinedown, Gloria Gaynor, Wayne Gratz, Matchbox20, Primary Colorz, Creed, Irene Cara, and Rod Stewart, Jon Anderson to name a few.

Paul continues to tour as principal cellist with such names as Rod Stewart, Page & Plant (Led Zepplin), Natalie Cole, Moody Blues, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Shirley Jones, Robert Goulet, TSO, Donna Summer, Dennis DeYoung (STYXX), Chicago, Led Zepplin Live, Johhny Mathis, Barry Manilow, Smokey Robinson, including solo duets on stage with Peter Cetera, Clay Aiken, Bernadette Peters, Mannheim Steamroller, Weird Al, Metallica, Amy Lee, The Who, to name a few.

With over 200 compositions in his library, and close to 500 arrangements, he continues to push the limit with mainstream and pop music, bringing it into the libraries of classical musicians. His compositions have been used on television, radio, independent movies, government public relations, military commercials, and the Olympics. Not to neglect classical music, he is now a published author of cello technique, releasing his Scale Book for cello, Exotic Scale books for cello, violin and viola, as well as a Dexterity Manual for left-hand technique.


In addition to publishing his own method books and composition, Mr. Fleury now resides on Amazon with over 250 published books ranging on every aspect of music.
EMPLOYMENT and EXPERIENCE (long version)

Current: He is Principal cellist for Craig Turley Orchestras, both mainstream and broadway shows.
Current: He is Principal cellist for the touring Mantovani Orchestra.

Current: He is Principal cellist for the Florida Lakes Symphony
Current: He is on-call Principal cellist to the Florida South-West Symphony.
Current: He is Principal cellist for Villages Philharmonic,
Current: He is Principal cellist for Space Coast Symphony Orchestra as well as solo cellist.
Current: Sub list for JSO, OPO, FSWSO, SFO, amongst others

Current: Mr. Fleury has six current solo album credits, with four upcoming
                in the year 2008. Bach Suites, Gabrielli Ricercars and two
                exercise books have also been recorded.
Past:       Mr. Fleury  has been for 25 years, Principal cellist of
               the Spacecoast Pops.

Past:      He was Principal cellist/Assistant Principal Cellist of Gainesville
               Chamber Orchestra.
Past:      Associate Principal cellist or Port Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Fleury has 64 album credits in his discography, including Atlantic Recording artists Shinedown, Creed, Matchbox 20 (Tabitha's Secret), Irene Cara, Rod Stewart, Gloria Gaynor, John Anderson, Michael Cain, amongst others.

1985-present: He has performed as Principal Cellist for performers Rod Stewart, Led Zepplin, Natalie Cole, Moody Blues, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Wayne Gratz, Clay Aiken, Shirley Jones, Robert Goulet, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Irene Cara, Bebe Neuworth, Queensryche, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Smokey Robinson, Bernadette Peters, Dennis DeYoung (Styxx), Chicago, Steve and Edyie Gorme, to name a few .

He also has performed as Principal for Broadway shows Aida, Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Lion King, and many others as principal cellist.

1981-2002: Principal Cellist Winter Park Baroque Society, Adolfi Chamber Society, Melbourne Community Orchestra, University of Central Florida Symphony, and has held substitute positions with Orlando Philharmonic, Brevard Symphony, Flagler Symphonic Society, Central Florida Symphony, Central Florida Pops, and Brevard Community College Orchestras. Mr. Fleury has extensive ensemble experience in professional venues.

He has performed as soloist with the Florida Symphony Orchestra 12 times, performed and premiered his cello fantasy with the Florida Spacecoast Pops.  Upcoming soloist performances will include concertos with the Villages Symphony, as well as a performance of Dvorak B Minor with Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Fleury is a member in good standing with the National Federation of Musicians, Florida Federation of Music Clubs, as well as the Florida Federation of Musicians.

Huge News:  Mr. Fleury is in negotiations with several publishers for Volume 1 & 2 of his scale book for cello, as well as a much-awaited Groove Compilation released simultaneously for cello, viola, and violin. He currently has 232 compositions and is currently working on the modern pedagogy of cello technique, as well as a massive string quartet compilation of mainstream music.

Mr Fleury's compositions have been used in television, independent movies, county and state PR, solicited by the military, and being considered at the Beijing 2008 olympics. His arrangements have been commissioned by notable musicians in the industry, such as Michael Cain.

Upcoming: Mr. Fleury is currently building a show for cello choir with some outstanding arrangements and original compositions.

Upcoming: Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Bernadette Peters, Lion King, China with Mantovani, China again with Evolutions tour to name a few.

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