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This is an explanation of freelance bookings and negotiations.

Paul Fleury has a fairly diverse performance career, ranging from world tours in both classical and mainstream, as well as composition/arranging contracts, publishing contracts, recording nationally as well as internationally for DvD, Television, and various albums worldwide.

Freelancing is done on a pro-rated basis as set down in the AFM union pricelist.

Show scale is done on a pro-rated basis as set down in the AFM union pricelist.

Touring is purely negotiable, please email particulars for a quote.

Composition commissions are done on a negotiable basis for both public and private contracts, this includes arranging.  Mr Fleury strengths lie in string arrangements.  Mr. Fleury will also do copyist duties again, if time permits.

Publishing contracts are negotiable.

Recordings are based on RMA and AFM pricelists, both pay-per-job and royalty contracts are honored, and can be negotiated for lower budget projects.

Orchestral positions and Teaching positions are considered, preference will be given to Orchestras or Teaching positions in Latin/South America, New Zealand, Australia, Central Europe, China, or Japan.  These are obviously places I have loved visiting and touring in, hence preference for these geographical locations.

Teaching privately is done in the Central Florida area, USA for the time being.  Special individual instruction out of state, or out of country is negotiable, and also possible.  Master classes are also available primarily in advanced musicianship, technique, and performance pointers.  Mr. Fleury has experience with school orchestra, professional orchestra sectionals for performance master classes.  Mr Fleury is comfortable in nearly any group setting.

Local performances are always welcomed, please contact me for availability.  2010-11 season is being booked with the Spacecoast Pops, Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra, with Mantovani tours tentatively planned for Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Japan, China and possibly Singapore. Additional dates tentatively for right now include Clay Aiken, Smokey Robinson, Josh Grobin, Donna Summer, and possibly a professional cello choir tour.

Summer camp positions are negotiable if availability permits.

Conducting is negotiable, by contract, preference given to Youth Orchestras.

Thank you,

Paul Fleury
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