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Paul Fleury
Edition Fleury Publications Website
Welcome to Edition Fleury Publications Website.  This is an attempt to offer the best quality music for the cheapest possible price internationally, period.  Here you will find  all the great editions, all the obscure editions, and reading material enough that you'll be kept busy during any free hours that you may have.  Feel free to browse this site, and use the links and dropboxes below to find anything and everything you may need to practice, play, educate or increase your library.

Each book has a clickable link that takes you to our print company where you can order directly.  If you want to order off of amazon, click the amazon link underneath the title.  Ordering directly substantially benefits me financially, however, so you probably know what I'd prefer  <inserts a smiley face here>.  Amazon charges me 40% of list price <inserts frowning face here>.   However, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, your shipping rates may be cheaper. 

If you are ordering directly, adding an item to the shopping cart keeps a tally of all of your orders to pay at once, since it uses your ISP as your identification when using the shopping cart.  If it does not, contact me IMMEDIATELY, and I will get the print company to fix this.  I have done a sample order before putting these pages up, and everything worked out fine. 

I try and average between 2-12 books a day on average.  The downloadable catalog will be updated weekly to bi-weekly depending on my production.  The website will be updated around the same time frame.  Please feel free to make comments on the layout of this site's pages via email to cellopro@musician.org if you have a critique or suggestion.
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Pages are still under construction but the Download PDF Catalog is available.  Instrument and Composer searches take some time to format and publish, so please be patient.  See News as pages become available to search.