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Cello Solo

Albinoni, T.         


Bach, J.S.            

Allemande from French Suite #4
Three Sonatas and Partitas, BWV 1001-1006 for cello
Courante from French Suite #2
Aria from the Goldberg Variations
Die Kunst der Fuge
Menuet from French Suite No. 3
Prelude Suite #4 for 5 string cello 
Six Cello Suites Complete
Sonata 1 BMV 1001 
Partia 1 BMV 1002
Sonata 2 BMV 1003 
Partia 2 BMV 1004
Sonata 3 BMV 1005
Partia 3 BMV 1006
Compilatiaon BMV 1001-1006

Battanchon, F.    

New Etude

Bose, Hans         

Musik fur Cello solo

Brahms, J.          

Waltz Op 39. No. 3

Breval, J.B.         


Corelli, A.            


Fleury, Paul       

Cello Arpeggios 2 octave 
Etude #17

Goltermann, G.  

Trois Romances Sans Paroles (Op. 90)

Grieg, Edvard     

Morning (Peer Gynt)

Gluck, C.W.        

Religious March (Alceste)


Cello Concerto in DMaj.  Cadenza by Carter Brey

Hummel, J.N       


Nelson, Mike      

Suite for Cello Alone

Peralta, Gigi       

Turmeric's Theme (from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar)

Schumann, R.     

Humming Song (Op. 68 No. 3)  (score)

Stella, Simone   



The Art of Bowing (50 variation of Gavotte by Corelli)


National Anthem of Israel
Hear the Cockrel Crowing
Freut euch des Lebens
Muss I Denn
Old Timers
Pije Kuba
Round Dance
Santa Lucia
Summer's Last Rose

Cello Solo (singing cellist)

Daams, Andreas

"The IMPORTANT Composers and the Insignificant Daams"

Cello/Piano    (score) denotes piano part only.  Cello part is a piano cue line on top.  Give me some time, and I'll fix all of them.

Albeniz, Isaac       

Asturias (Leyenda)

Bach, J.S.              

Air for the G string 
Musette (score)


Cello Sonata No. 3 in A Major Op. 69  (score)
Fur Elise  (score)
Sonate ('The Moonlight")  (score)

Borodin, A.          

Polovtsian Dance  (score)

Brahms, J            

Waltz  (score)


Ave Maria  (score)

Dukas, Paul         

Alla Gitana
The Sorcerer's Apprentice  (score)

Elgar, Edward     

Nimrod (from the Enigma Variations)  (score)

Grieg, Edvard      


Handel, G.F        

The Harmonius Blacksmith (easy)  (score) 
"Largo" from Xerxes   (score)

Lefebure, Alain  


Mason, Tim         

Shingakki 6 From Azumanga Daioh, The Animation (score)

Mendelssohn, F

Weding March  (score)

Mozart, W.A.      

Ein Madchen oder Weibchen (From Magic Flute)  (score)

Nehls, Ulrich      


Pieper, Andreas 

Sonata Op. 37  (cello only)

Peters-Rey, G.    

Rondo Op. 63

Popper, David      

Murmelindes Luftchen

Rovenstrunck, J.

Sonata #2 Op. 43
Sonata #3 Op. 46
Sonata #1 Op. 41

Saint-Saens, C.   

The Swan (Key of D)  (score)

Satie, Erik           

Gymnopedie No. 1  (score)

Schubert, F.         

Ave Maria Op. 52, No. 6   (score)
With the Green Lute-riband   (score)
The Trout  (score)

Servais, F.            

Fantaisie et Variations Brillantes Op. 1
Fantaisie et Variations Op. 16

Stella, Simone    

"Les Fleurs du Mal"

Strauch, A.            

Bagatelle Nr. 1 (score)

Tchaikovsky, P.I.

Waltz from Sleeping Beautry  (score)

Verdi, Giuseppe   

La Donna c Mobile  (score)

Vivaldi, A.             

Autumn from the "Four Seasons"
Spring from the "Four Seasons"  (score)


Adesso e Fortuna


Amazing Grace  (score)
Happy Birthday  (score)
Silent Night  (score)

Cello and Orchestra

Tchaikovsky, P.I.  

Pezzo Capriccioso, Op. 62   (full score only)

Cello Duet

Bach, J.S.                

Die Kunst der Fuge (cello)  (score)

Mozart, W.A.          

Sonate fur basoon (or cello) and cello K.V. 292 
The Mirror (key of C)
The Mirror (key of F)

Nelson, M.            

Albert's Air
Fiddling Florence


Two easy rounds 1
Two easy rounds 2

Cello Trio


Cortege  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (set of parts)

Cello Quartet


For Whom The Bell Tolls  (cello 1) ,(cello 2) ,(cello 3) , (cello 4) ,(set of parts)
Beyond Time  (set of parts)
Bittersweet (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts) , (score)
Conclusion  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts) , (score)
Creeping Death  (cello 1) ,  (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)
Fade To Black (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)
Faraway (cello 1/violin) , (cello 2) ,  (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (piano) , (set of parts)
Hall of the Mountain King  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)
Harmaggedon (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (score)
Master of Puppets  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)
Nothing Else Matters  (cello 1) , (cello 2) ,  (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (score) , (set of parts)
One  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (score)
Path  (score)
Pray  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (percussion) , (score) ,(set of parts) , (tambourine)
Refuse Resist  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (score) , (set of parts)
Sad But True  (score)
Sanitarium (Welcome Home)  (score)
Toreador  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)
Unforgiven  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)


Smells Like Teen Spirit  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (set of parts)

Swedish Trad.         

Sat-Maras Polska (score)

Cello Sextet        


Coma  (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (cello 3) , (cello 4) , (cello 5) , (cello 6) , (Score)

Vla/Cello Duet

Mozart, W.A.         

Zwei Duos

Vln/Cello Duet

Albinoni, T.            

12 Sonatas

Bach, J.S.               

Die Kunst der Fuge (cello score) , (violin)

Barret, A.M.          

Grand Study #1
Grand Study #2
Grand Study #3
Grand Study #10
Melodie Progressive #1
Melodie Progressive #15

Nelson, Mike         

December Duet
Molto Staccato
Ring Dance

Romberg, A.u.B     

Three Duets Op. 2

Veracini, F.A.          

Selected Sonatas for violin and cello obligato

Guitar/Cello Duet

Plouvier, P.J.          

Duo Concertant (optional Violin)  (score)


Strauch, Alexander 

Menschen Schneiden

Guitar/Violin/Cello Trio

Plouvier, P.J.          

Duo Concertant

String Trio

Bach, J.S.               

Die Kunst der Fuge  (cello)

Uematsu, Nobuo    

Drifting (from Final Fantasy VIII)  (set of parts) , (score)


No Education  (vln 1) , (cello 1) , (cello 2) , (score)

String Quartet

Uematsu, Nobuo    

"Eyes On Me" from Final Fantasy VIII  (score and parts) , (score) , (parts)
"Fragments of Memories" (score, long) ,  (score, short) , (parts, long) , (parts, short)
"Melodies of Life" (score) , (parts)
"The Oath" From Final Fantasy VIII  (score) , (set of parts)
"Waltz for the Moon" from Final Fantasy VIII  (score) , (set of parts)
"Staff Roll" from Final Fantasy VIII   (score) , (set of parts)
"Suteki Da Ne" from Final Fantasy X   (score) , (set of parts)

String Quintet

Reinecke, Carl        

Quintett Op. 83  (set of parts)

Viola Solo

Daams, Andreas       


Fleury, Paul              

Excercise #17


Pieper, Andreas       

Sonata for Viola and Piano   (set of parts)

Viola Duet

Mozart, W.A.           

The Mirror


Brahms, Johannes    

Variations over "Verstohlen geht der Mond auf" (all parts)

Grieg, Edvard           

"Im Balladenton"
Elegie   (set of parts)

Violin Solo

Peters-Rey, Gregor   


Pieper, Andreas        

Sonatine for Solo violin

Sitt, Hans                  

100 Etudes, Op. 32 Book 1 (first position)


Spohr, Louis              

Sonata Concertante

Two Violins

Mozart, W.A.           

The Mirror 

Two Violins and Piano

Bellwood, D.R.         

Foxtrot  (set of parts)
Promenade  (set of parts)

Violin/Viola Duet

Mozart, W.A.            

KV423 10 Duos for Violin and Viola 

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