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Lessons are given in the following locations:  Greater Orlando and surrounding areas up to 60 miles.  In addition, ONLINE video lessons are soon to be available.  We'll discuss both.

Live Private Lessons

Private lessons are given in the Greater Orlando area in YOUR home.  Current students reside in the Maitland, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Longwood, Oviedo, Orlando, and Dr. Phillips areas.  Lessons available 7 days with backup days/times scheduled for performance conflicts.  Out-of-country/state lessons are available by special arrangement, please email for details. 

Home-schoolers are given priority late- morning and early afternoon times.  Those in public or private school can arrange weekly lessons starting when they get home up until 9pm.  It is strongly suggested that lessons be at least one hour for all students over the age of 7, or who are beyond book 1 in either Suzuki, Essential Elements etc.  Preparation for Festivals, All-State, MPA, and Solo & Ensemble may require extra lessons or extended lessons.

At this time I am only giving lessons on cello for beginning through advanced  students.  However, performance and audition prep lessons are given to ADVANCED orchestral instruments, for those with sufficient foundation to avoid technical discrepancies.  Theory workshops available during the summer.  FFMC, FMTA, Solo & Ensemble are supported, and students are strongly encouraged to participate.  All-State preparation is given to all strings, although primarily cello.   Recitals are given twice yearly for student participation.

Lessons may be video taped, or recorded if you wish to do so yourself.  If this is an option you want me to setup there will be an additional charge per lesson.  Lesson videos are for YOUR use only.  Posting and sharing lesson videos is Not allowed unless arranged in advance.

Prices vary depending on distance traveled.  Generally in town is $50-$60/hr.

Online Private Lessons:

There are two types of online lessons that are available.  One-on-one and instructional videos.

One-on-one online lessons are done through Skype.  Email me to setup connection, lessons are paid for in advance via paypal for four lessons.  You will need Skype capability and an adequate camera to provide me with the video feed which clearly shows what you are doing.  Music will be provided as a PDF download emailed to you, so both parties have the same editions.  Or simply tell me which edition you are using.  I have access to most editions.  Advanced and college level audition prep, and concerto preparation is done as well for all strings, not just cello.  Lesson prices range from $40-$60/hr and can be arranged for international students 24hrs a day in any time zone with appropriate notice.  Currently I have four international students between Europe and Asia.

Instructional videos are done on a request basis.  This mainly deals with students who do not have Skype capabilities.  Simply email the request or piece with which you need help, and a video will be provided for you.  This applies to orchestral parts, solo recitals, and audition prep.  In the case of longer or more advanced pieces, please provide measure numbers and description of the problem.  In many cases there are multiple solutions and it will usually depend on the student to decide which is best for them.  Specific examples that have already been requested are "how do you play a D Major scale three octaves?" or "how do I get the best martele stroke on the G string?".   Other examples might be "what fingering and bowing should I use for Beethoven Symphony 5 second movement?" or finally "my bowing is crooked, what should I do?"

This is the least-expensive lesson plan available anywhere, period.  Prices start at $20 per video.  The more advanced or longer the video the higher the price.  Videos are for personal use and Not available for sharing or commercial use without specific written permission.

Many of the basics are in the video section on "how to play cello".  Find the link from the "videos" page.  This covers quickly many of the basics that are overlooked when starting yourself or having a teacher that DOES NOT PLAY CELLO.  It is highly advisable to have not only a teacher who plays cello, but one who is successful in PERFORMANCE rather than a general degree in teaching. 

Bear in mind that there are many different schools of teaching throughout history, Paris Conservatory, Dresden School and Moscow conservatory all have slightly different viewpoints when in comes to how something is SUPPOSED to be done.  Teachers, depending on their training will have different viewpoints when it comes to fingerings and bowings.  Personally I class myself as a hybrid of all three major schools, basing the collective knowledge of all three schools into a "common sense" and "anatomically pleasing" form of playing.  "If it's causing pain, it's wrong."  "If it looks wrong, it usually is." 

For any other questions, please use the contact page; lesson slots are very limited at this time, for all areas.  Also look for this site to develop quickly. Once it is discovered, it will get quite crowded.  There is sufficient bandwidth available for large viewing.

To view videos you will need a viewer that supports Mp3, Mp4, and .Wav files.  Additional videos added may require Flash, Quicktime, or Real Player. If this happens, the appropriate plugins and downloads will be available from the videos pages.
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