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4/4/15:  Redone Home page to get rid of dead links, and to add more efficiency throughout.  Added the updated Edition Fleury pdf catalog.  Added the Edition Fleury home webpage here. Additionally uploading the dropdown menu pages in skeleton form so you can see how this will work. 

Progressing with Basic Educational videos.  They will be uploaded to youtube first, then linked here, since there are quite a few.

2/17/14:  Redone Lessons page to make it easier to understand, as well as more congruent to the normal questions asked via email/phone.

2/16/14:  Redid website and made it cleaner.  Added new videos to the videos pages.  Changed calendar.  Started work on the Edition Fleury publications portion of the website, this will go live when finished, and you will find the links on the home page.  Took down some links on home page for contact website pages, such as pintrest, myspace, etc that I don't have the time or energy to maintain.  I'm still there.  You just will have to find me.  Facebook is the social network that I check most frequently, occasionally LinkedIn.  Email, address, phone have all been updated.  Educational pages will be expanded when I have the time, as well as the free staff paper, free sheet music, and online videos.  A lot of work to do, and priorities are, well, priorities.  The forums are down for the moment, I'm not happy with the original forums, so I'll create a new one when I get around to it.  Most messages come to me on facebook anyway.

After quite some time of being away from cellopro.net, I decided it was useful for many reasons.  It is now back up, slightly revamped, but still the same site you have grown used to seeing.  I have added more pages, links to all the Edition Fleury publications, along with some more tidbits here and there that you'll love seeing.

Stay tuned for some very important updates.